Shake things up with a valance in the kitchen

Sep 15 2010

Shake things up with a valance in the kitchen
Shake things up with a valance in the kitchen
Although the kitchen is often a centerpiece of a home, striking the right balance between elegance and comfort can be a difficult task. The Seattle Times reports that, while some people may not think it, black can be used very effectively to add a sophisticated, yet welcoming atmosphere to a kitchen.

The news source chronicled the renovation of a badly outdated kitchen, and interior design expert Candice Olson first included black on the room's countertops. She used aluminum to accent the shade and it gave off the look of stainless steel. In addition to her inclusion of black, Olson replaced the kitchen's wallpaper with a more subtle, cream-colored paint.

Lighting was an important area of concern for Olson as well. According to the news provider, she replaced fluorescent lighting with a more calming, recessed glow. She also updated the window blinds to cover the large windows.

Homeowners looking for a way to remodel their kitchen may want to consider changing their window treatment. Adding a valance to window blinds can be a great idea, as HGTV reports that it can break up the excess of straight lines usually present in a kitchen.
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