Quick fixes can give new life to the look of a room

Jul 8 2011

An area rug livens up the look of a space in a decorating quick fix.
An area rug livens up the look of a space in a decorating quick fix.
Home decorators are frequently looking for a quick fix that will liven up a boring room. While re-painting a room is often cited as one of the most inexpensive fixes to room décor, there are steps that can bring a new look to a room more quickly than a paint job.

"Using throw rugs and floor rugs is a great way of achieving a rhythm of colour, pattern and texture throughout a room," interior designer Patrick Zziwa told the Daily Monitor in Uganda.

Bringing new art or photographs from another part of the house instantly changes the décor, particularly if they are organized in an arrangement - symmetrical or asymmetrical, depending on how formal the room is - on a wall that was previously left blank.

Another quick fix involves the choice of window coverings. Ordering factory direct blinds is an easy and fast way to find a new treatment in a wide variety of colors and finishes to suit any décor.

To get the best decorative advantage of indoor greenery, the newspaper suggests choosing different shapes and sizes in plants. Another option is to take a large plant, such as a ficus tree, and place a spotlight behind it to create shadows that lend depth to the space.
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