Neutral colors have expanded in both shades and finishes

Jun 9 2011

Vertical blinds are a good choice for family rooms with large windows.
Vertical blinds are a good choice for family rooms with large windows.
Home decorators who love to base their design schemes on neutral colors have a new range of gray variations and oyster shades from which to choose.

In addition, the finish of colors is becoming more important as designers experiment with paint techniques that evoke old-time tinted photos and faded maps. A matte finish that's midway between flat and eggshell contains porcelain dust for easier cleaning. Pearly finishes that fall between eggshell and semi-gloss stand up well in bathrooms and other areas that retain moisture.

According to the Washington Examiner, color experts say the neutrals such as gray are complemented well with shades that have an undertone of purple for wood finishes, leathers and fabrics.

One way to incorporate these hues easily into a room is to find them in window shades or blinds that are available not only in a wide range of colors, but in finishes that can be matched to any room style.

For a casual look in family rooms or children's rooms, vertical blinds offer a window covering that's easy to clean, inexpensive and works well with any choice of neutral shades.
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