Blackout shades solve lighting dilemma for home screening area

Jun 8 2011

The right lighting is necessary for home screening areas.
The right lighting is necessary for home screening areas.
For homeowners who want to create the atmosphere of a home theater in their dens or family rooms, dealing with light in a room that needs to be darkened quickly provides some decorating challenges.

The choice of lighting can determine how well visibility will be in a screening area. That includes both lamp lighting and managing natural light from windows.

A variety of lighting sources can be chosen according to the style of décor in the room. Sconces, floor lamps and recessed lighting are among the selections that homeowners can choose to create the right ambience without casting a glare on the home screen, according to

For windows, many treatments are available to block light so that it doesn't interfere with viewing. Many styles of window shades come with a choice of blackout fabric, including roller shades. Fabric roller shades, in particular, come in many colors and styles and can be matched to a room's prints, patterns and fabrics for a well-coordinated look.

Once the considerations of lighting are solved, homeowners can outfit their screening areas with seating arrangements and side tables for setting down refreshments that will offer them the best view in their choice of entertainment.
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