Cellular shades can block sunlight from damaging a book collection

Apr 5 2011

A home reading nook should have window treatments that protect books from sun damage.
A home reading nook should have window treatments that protect books from sun damage.
Creating a book lovers' haven in a den or in part of the family room can also provide an opportunity to organize the family's book collection.

If dedicating a whole room to a library is out of the question, then arranging a comfortable book nook may be the answer. One way to create a division within in a room is to place a piece of furniture such as a free-standing bookcase or a low dresser perpendicular to a wall to separate the space.

Storing books will depend on how much room is available, but the key to making the best use of the space is to organize them well. Books can be arranged alphabetically, by subject or by color.

Separating hardcovers from paperbacks is generally more attractive, unless the soft-covered books are the same size as the hardcovers. Lining up two rows of paperbacks, with taller ones in the back row, doubles the storage on one shelf. Children's books should be on lower shelves so a child can reach them easily.

To protect books from sunlight damage, cellular shades can block strong sunlight while offering the added benefit of insulation from window drafts. These energy-saving window treatments come as both single cell shades or double cell shades for more insulation.
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