Buying custom blinds online is a good way to outfit a door in a converted garage

Mar 24 2011

Converting a garage into living space takes as much planning as any renovation.
Converting a garage into living space takes as much planning as any renovation.
Converting a garage into additional living space can be done for many reasons – creating a studio apartment for an extended family member, setting up a home business with a separate entrance or extending the size of an adjacent kitchen or family room.

"Next to a basement remodel a garage renovation into a living space is the cheapest form of remodel," according to

Regardless of the need, remaking a garage takes the same planning as any renovation, but a key difference is deciding how to reconfigure the opening left when the garage door is removed. A reconstructed front wall with a new doorway may be the only source of natural light into the new room, the website reports. A door with several window panes to let an abundance of light filter in would be a good choice, particularly where skylights or other windows aren't possible.

In garages, the door should be treated like a window with a treatment that offers privacy, filtered light and a stylish look, both inside and from the street. Buying custom blinds online is one way to have a wide variety of colors and finishes, as well as blinds that are customized to fit the new door.
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