Install cellular shades to keep rooms cooler

Jun 24 2010

Install cellular shades to keep rooms cooler
Install cellular shades to keep rooms cooler
Windows don't just serve aesthetic purposes, they also provide important ventilation functions throughout the entire house. If there is a draft suddenly blowing on the first floor, or the second floor has become burning hot, chances are that faulty windows are the culprit.

It can cost a lot to keep a house cool in the summer, so it's a good idea to make sure the windows are keeping the cool air in the rooms, ARA Lifestyle suggests.

There are some easy ways to tell if windows are in disrepair. The first step is to make sure that the windowpane isn't cracked somewhere. Try running a hand over the glass and feeling for warmth or wind.

Be sure to inspect the frames and see if they're rotting. Rotten frames will let out the cool air that you want to stay in your home or they can let in unwanted humidity. The source claims that another test can be opening and closing the window. If it's difficult, that means that the frames have warped or the window itself doesn't fit properly.

A bad window doesn't necessarily need to be replaced. A more affordable solution is to install a window treatment for insulation - either cell shades or insulating blinds. These keep air conditioning from leaving the house and keep heat out.
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