Too little sleep can lead to premature death

Jun 24 2010

Too little sleep can lead to premature death
Too little sleep can lead to premature death
A recent study conducted by British scientists has concluded that poor sleeping habits can actually lead to early death, according to the Huffington Post.

Getting a bad night's sleep (six hours or less) has been linked to a 12 percent higher chance of premature fatality. This was found after reviewing the sleeping results of upwards of 1.3 million people across the globe.

The source states that the primary reason for these results is that sleep acts as a natural way for the human body to fight disease. The study claims that a lack of sleep can be responsible for major ailments ranging from heart disease to obesity.

Experts suggest that better sleep quality can also have an effect and one of the best ways to improve slumber is to make sure the room is dark and quiet.

Blackout or noise reduction shades can have an astounding impact on sleep because they naturally block incoming sound, sunlight, streetlights and car lights. Whether it's the room darkening single cell shades or the blackout double cell shades, it will be easy to notice the difference in the morning.
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