Be bold when choosing your wall color

Mar 2 2011

A bold wall color could add depth and character to your home's interior.
A bold wall color could add depth and character to your home's interior.
Interior designers know that color can be their biggest ally when redesigning a space, and they are consistently encouraging their customers to try something new. Industry insider Shaynna Blaze preaches to her customers to be adventurous when choosing a hue, one that will reflect their personality in the process, according to The Pakenham Cardinia Leader.

"My biggest tip is stop being safe! We are in the times of showing your personality and expressing yourself," Blaze told the news source.

Blaze contends that creating a timeless look will allow you to improve the look of your interiors for your own use or if you're trying to put your home on the real estate market. She suggested pairing bold colors such as yellow, orange and pink coupled with black or white could add depth and contrast to a room.

A more uniform scheme could include coordinating the walls, furniture and flooring by using blocks of color. Blaze contends that using predominant hues will create rooms within a room to maximize your space.

You can add a bold accent to your home furnishings with bamboo woven wood shades. These window treatments will add warmth and functionality to your living space.  
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