Residents re-invent their show home

Feb 9 2011

SlumberShades are energy-efficient and can create a darker environment for a good night's rest.
SlumberShades are energy-efficient and can create a darker environment for a good night's rest.
When interior designers Lee Hsu and Shamim Din heard that their newest project was going to be a show home, they didn't know what to make of it. Fortunately for them, the new owners of the 6,000-square-foot Hong Kong residence wanted to re-make their home from the ground up, according to The National.

"We were happy when the owners told us they wanted everything gone. So we gutted the entire place. Nothing was left from the original," Lee told the news source.

The pair decided to build a modern home that exuded quality and craftsmanship at every turn. A creative style choice was the division of the study area and the bedroom. The designers used a transparent glass wall to separate the two rooms to enhance lighting and the use of space. For the kitchen, Lee and Shanim removed a maid's room and replaced it with a glass door to bathe the kitchen in natural light.

If you're looking for more darkness in your bedroom, the SlumberShade could help you get a good night's sleep. The shade is endorsed by the National Sleep Foundation and is energy-efficient, blocking both light and air leaks.  
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