Cell shades may help reduce cooling expenses

Jun 22 2010

Cell shades may help reduce cooling expenses
Cell shades may help reduce cooling expenses
During the hot summer months, many individuals run inside to beat the heat and cool down in air conditioned spaces. While turning down the AC may feel great at first, it can take a toll on homeowners' energy bills. But experts suggest that utilizing the proper window blinds may help individuals save money on summer cooling costs.

According to the energy company PECO, about 40 percent of unwanted heat comes through windows. PECO suggests that by installing shades, which act as a layer of insulation when drawn, homeowners can reduce heat gain to their houses.

Cell shades are a great and stylish way to block the heat from sunlight while keeping in cool, indoor air. Those who are afraid that shades will fill the room with darkness need not worry - translucent cell shades act as an insulator while still allowing natural sunlight to filter in.

Homeowners who would like to save on energy bills may also want to consider the placement of their air conditioner. Experts at Orange and Rockland utilities told MidHudsonNews.com that keeping the unit out of the hot, afternoon sun can save as much as five percent on cooling expenses.
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