Cellular shades offer security and energy savings for a garage workshop

Feb 3 2011

Organizing tools on a peg board is an easy way to create a workshop in a garage.
Organizing tools on a peg board is an easy way to create a workshop in a garage.
A potting bench, a pegboard and plywood shelving with attractive corbels instead of brackets for support can turn the back wall of a garage into a stylish workshop, according to Better Homes and Gardens magazine.

Rather than spreading out storage units and wall hooks throughout the space, concentrating the storage function into one area keeps all the home improvements tools and maintenance materials in proximity to each other. Taken a step further, like items should be grouped -paintbrushes, paint cans and other painting tools in a designated section, for instance.

A large pegboard can be painted in a checkerboard pattern, with each block holding tools for similar tasks. Rearranging the wall can be done easily by moving a few hooks.

If only a small workspace is needed, turn a potting bench into a tool bench. Niches in the bench can be used to store jars of screws, nails and other small items. Hooks can be added for hanging tools and a ruler can be screwed along one side of the bench top for quick measuring.

To maintain security, installing cellular shades along garage door windows will provide the added bonus of saving energy. Their construction traps air to conserve heat in winter and cool down hot areas in summer.
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