Cellular blinds can make a kitchen feel homey and sophisticated

Feb 1 2011

Cellular blinds can make a kitchen feel homey and sophisticated
Cellular blinds can make a kitchen feel homey and sophisticated
When it comes to kitchen design, there are a lot of different ideas that come to mind. These spaces transformed long ago from an area reserved for food preparation into something much more. Nowadays, families gather in kitchens to talk, work and have fun. When renovating this space, one should keep in mind all of the functions that need to be included.

"We’re not only cooking, eating and socialising within the hub of the home, we can now facilitate online conference calls, presentations and meetings from the comfort of our kitchens," says design expert Wendy Morris-Lea. "The world is no longer outside but a virtual space within the home. The only way to spend time together as a family is to do different things in the same space."

If the kitchen is a bit on the small side, there are some clever ways to create the illusion of more space. Lighting and reflections are the two keys to enriching an area with new dimension. One should think about adding reflective surfaces and items, because these can open up a kitchen while also adding a degree of sophistication.

Storage drawers can ensure that clutter is kept to a minimum, while wide countertops can serve as places for children to do homework or play games while Mom or Dad is cooking.

When it comes to colors, Morris-Lea suggests that there are a number of trends that homeowners are following and most of it is to link the living room to the kitchen, because these two spaces are becoming more interchangeable.

Neutral shades such as chocolate and platinum can add a glimmer of beauty to the walls, but are also subtle enough to make for a smooth transition from one room to another.

Pale and metallic colors can also make for an interesting and distinct contrast. Morris-Lea recommends using grays, bronze and violets in order to create this effect.

As for the overall look, she states that the biggest trend right now is the revival of a 1970s-era look, but with a sleek and stylish twist.

Those who are looking to renovate their own kitchen shouldn't neglect window treatments, either. Using cellular blinds can be an effective way to bring in a bold, beautiful color to the room while also capturing drafty air that may seep through windows during the winter.

Solar shades may be appropriate for homeowners who are looking to create a bright and transparent kitchen with reflective surfaces.
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