Blackout shades can be valuable addition to sleeping regimen

Jan 11 2011

Blackout shades can be valuable addition to sleeping regimen
Blackout shades can be valuable addition to sleeping regimen
When it comes to sleeping trouble, many experts recommend trying to follow a pattern so that the body gets used to one schedule. However, there are a few other pointers that The Herald recently shared for those who are having trouble getting a good night's rest.

First, individuals should try to avoid certain foods and drinks. Alcohol and caffeinated beverages can interrupt normal slumber and also keep a person awake. Residue from soda or coffee can actually stay in the body for eight hours.

Additionally, spicy or sugary food can make it more difficult to fall asleep.

The news source also suggests the importance of a schedule. If one brushes their teeth and then reads for 20 minutes before going to bed every night, then the body will eventually become habituated to these signals.

Other experts have cited bright lights as a problem for sleep as well. One should try to foster a dark and relaxing environment. Blackout shades can be ideal for this purpose, because they can block incoming lights from getting through windows.
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