Design a personal mom cave with roller shades

Dec 6 2010

Design a personal mom cave with roller shades
Design a personal mom cave with roller shades
While man caves, the practice of turning living rooms into dimly lit set-ups with television and video game equipment have become a national trend, it seems that women are starting to catch up with the aptly named mom cave, according to the Gloucester County Times.

This is a room that is meant to be relaxing for any woman - no kid's toys scattered across the floor or overbearing and masculine additions like sports posters. Instead, it should embody the most personal and unique tastes of a mother who needs some time for herself.

"It really is individualized and specific to who wants it," interior designer Staci Greenberg said. "The point is, everyone needs a place to go and regroup."

The wall can be colored bright pink or hung with collectible plates, but the point is that it is an expression of quirks, hobbies and interests.

One doesn't necessarily have to be a mom, either. Lauren Roberts made a space after she moved in with her boyfriend and found herself craving an intimate room that was slightly more feminine.

"It's very small, but its perfect,” she told the news source. "I have a table with two chairs where I go to read, eat, draw and write. I can close the blinds so I can't see inside and can just focus on the beauty of Georgia. I have a wonderful view and can just relax and do what I want."

She added that having her own place in the home can help reduce her stress levels and recuperate from the hectic outside world.

Greenberg suggests that the first step to creating the proper mom cave is to decide what kind of function the room will serve, whether it's meant for sewing, getting together with friends for drinks or just for simple relaxation.

Women can get many ideas from browsing different magazines about interior designs. Try decorating with trinkets that carry a lot of emotional weight, from mementos to pictures to artwork.

Greenberg says that, once the area is cleared out, one should consider the budget and then start creating their space. Paint can offer a cheap foundation for the rest of the room's theme.

No matter the size or style of a mom cave, it's important that they are private. Roller shades are ideal window treatments for an intimate room, because they can offer aesthetically pleasing colors while completely covering windows.
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