Consider lifestyle before selecting window treatments

Nov 18 2010

Consider lifestyle before selecting window treatments
Consider lifestyle before selecting window treatments
No room is complete without the vibrant punch of window treatments complementing a window, but homeowners should first consider their options before settling on the first pair of curtains that they see.

The West Seattle Herald reports that, depending on lifestyle preferences, individuals will find very different styles of window treatments soothing. For those who have difficulty sleeping, blackout shades may be the best option, because they can shut out streetlights and other nighttime illumination.

Noise reduction shades may also be practical for those in noisy neighborhoods or dorm rooms.

Cordless features can also be important for households with young children or curious pets who may play with dangling cords. It is also necessary to consider how much privacy one would like in a room. Window treatments such as solar screen shades allow a lot of visibility, bringing outdoor elements inside, but may not be the right treatment for more personal spaces such as the bathroom or bedroom.

Whatever the case, shades and blinds are available in a wide variety of patterns and styles. Homeowners should carefully choose their options so that each window treatment suits a family and a room perfectly.
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