Liven up a bland bedroom with honeycomb cellular shades

Nov 4 2010

Liven up a bland bedroom with honeycomb cellular shades
Liven up a bland bedroom with honeycomb cellular shades
Interior designer Candice Olson recently came across a master bedroom that was in desperate need of a fix and immediately went to work to liven things up, she wrote in The Seattle Times.

The space was originally layered with a bland, white carpet and mismatched furniture, in addition to other outdated items. The couple requested a slightly more modern look and Olson decided to incorporate a traditional setting with nontraditional elements.

This would make for a memorable style that would both appear calm and welcoming. One notable change she made was accomplished by replacing a white wall with a rough-hewn, wooden one that conjured up images of tree bark.

When it came to the mirrored closet doors, she decided to update them. She placed a striped, privacy film over the mirrors and also painted the brass trim silver.

To take advantage of the room's space, Olson also designed a dressing corner by placing a vanity table, dressing table and chair together and hanging a translucent shade over the area.

Window treatments can also make a significant difference in the appearance of a room. Honeycomb cellular shades are available in many vibrant shades and can also insulate a home during the winter.
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