Make a living room colorful through a choice of custom drapery

Oct 18 2010

A custom drapery in bright colors enhances a living room.
A custom drapery in bright colors enhances a living room.
A living room may be the most formal room in a house, but it doesn't have to give away any of its elegance when bright colors are used to decorate it.

The French country style and colors of Provence, for instance, include bright yellow, red, blue and moss green. Keeping the proportions of the color scheme in the room nearly equal between walls, draperies and upholstery prevents one color from dominating, according to

In addition, accessories in bright colors can be used to accent walls and furniture. A darker color can be chosen for an area rug to anchor the room without overpowering other elements in the room.

As one of those elements, a large living room window can be turned into a focal point with the use of custom drapery that adds color in a wide variety of solids or prints. Custom drapery also provides insulation against heat in summer and cold air in winter, and saves on the homeowner's energy bills.

Furniture and collectibles placed near the window also benefit because draperies will act as a buffer against ultraviolet rays and prevent fading of furnishings.
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