Pleated shades add to the décor of a college student's 'home away from home'

Oct 7 2010

A dorm room can be made to feel like home with attractive bedding and pleated window shades.
A dorm room can be made to feel like home with attractive bedding and pleated window shades.
A dorm room is more than a home away from home – it's also a college student's bedroom, study area, living room and sanctuary from the stresses of collegiate life.

Making a dorm room comfortable, functional and a pleasure to come home to doesn't have to cost a lot of money.

"One of the first things to pick out is a comforter," recommends "The bed often doubles as a coffee table, couch, or study area and is the largest piece of furniture in most dorm rooms, so it's key to choose a comforter that reflects your style and won't immediately show dirt. Finding a comforter you like will also help determine the color scheme for the rest of the room."

Next comes the lighting. The right choice of a desk or floor lamp will focus enough light to prevent eye strain during reading or computer use, but will also cast a softer look on the room during relaxation time.

Most dorm rooms also come equipped with institutional window shades in place, so the necessary hardware is already installed. Replacing the college-issued shade with attractive pleated shades can add color and texture to the room within a college student's budget.
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