Top Down Bottom Up shades can cure a room with too much light

Sep 10 2010

While some natural light can be a beautiful addition to any room, too much can have an oppressive effect that can leave the space feeling hot and uncomfortable. Too much sunlight can make it hard to stay asleep or look at a TV screen, and it can also cause fading on furniture or artwork.

"Sunlight is a natural energy boost, but it also has its downside," design expert Sally Morse told "Natural light needs to be managed, and the proper window treatments are the best way to do it."

One of the most effective ways to block sunlight is the by hanging top down-bottom up shades over the window. The innovative design of these treatments allows homeowners to allow as much light as they want into a room, from whatever angle.

The news source reports that they are perfect additions to a kitchen, bath or even a bedroom, where the amount of preferred sunlight can greatly vary by the hour of the day. Since top down-bottom up shades can be raised from the bottom or lowered from the top, one can completely customize the way that light hits the room, which can offer aesthetic and practical opportunities.
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