Keep hardwood floors fresh with honeycomb cellular shades

Aug 23 2010

Keep hardwood floors fresh with honeycomb cellular shades
Keep hardwood floors fresh with honeycomb cellular shades reports that homeowners with hardwood floors may want to check the way that they treat these beautiful surfaces, because a few simple steps can prolong their life and ensure that an expensive refinishing isn't needed until absolutely necessary.

The temperature of a room actually has a noticeable impact on floors. Christopher Davis of the Wood Floor Covering Association claims that keeping an area with 35 to 55 percent relative humidity, and temperatures of 60 to 80 degrees will increase the longevity of hardwood surfaces.

The news source also advises that homeowners leave mats in the front halls, so that those entering the house can scrape shoes clean and then remove footwear all together. Cleats and stilettos, even the claws of pets, can damage floors. For this reason, it may be a good idea to put down a protective carpet.

Sweeping daily, and mopping once or twice a week, can also preserve the surfaces.

The news provider claims that sunlight can be another damaging element to hardwood floors. By hanging honeycomb cellular shades in a room, one can effectively block the harsh sun, preventing it from bleaching surfaces and making them age prematurely.

Honeycomb cellular shades are also ideal for insulating homes against the cold and helping homeowners save on energy bills.
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