Redesigning a home for sale with custom drapery

Aug 19 2010

Redesigning a home for sale with custom drapery
Redesigning a home for sale with custom drapery
Emma Riley Sutton, writing for, recently suggested that homeowners who are looking to sell their house may want to consider updating it before showing it to prospective buyers.

Refreshing a home should begin with the bathroom and kitchen, which are the rooms that Sutton says will undergo the most examination. Kitchens should be outfitted with new appliances and hardwood floors should be considered, in place of wall-to-wall carpeting.

Bathrooms should be completely up-to-date. Leaky faucets and dysfunctional showers can leave a lasting impression on buyers, according to Sutton.

Cleaning a home should also take priority. Every room should look polished and new, and also be free of any kind of clutter such as magazines, toys, wires or other accessories. Personal items in particular should be removed and stored.

Sutton claims that plants can also be an affordable way to make a home's exterior appear lush and healthy.

Another important step is to make a maximum amount of light available. Experts suggest that custom drapery can give a home a unique feel that can have an effect on the overall resale value. Drapes are available in almost limitless patterns and colors, so they can seamlessly be installed as window treatments for any room.
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