Homes near highways or airport can benefit from shades

Aug 5 2010

Homes near highways or airport can benefit from shades
Homes near highways or airport can benefit from shades
This past Monday, Senator Chris Dodd announced that $412,742 would be given to the Tweed-New Haven Airport Authority so that the group can conduct a study related to the noise pollution in the surrounding areas, reports.

"Anyone who lives near an airport knows how much noise can be produced by approaching or departing aircraft," he told the news source. He expressed hopes that the research would develop solutions which could better address quality of life issues of local residents who were being affected by the nearby airport.

The end product of the study will be a map that thoroughly documents the areas which experience the most noise from airplanes, which will be used to evaluate and, hopefully, solve the problems that are found.

Homeowners who live near highly-trafficked routes such as highways, airports or street corners may experience a similar discomfort from the sound of passing vehicles. Noise pollution can have a detrimental effect on day-to-day activities, but especially impact sleeping patterns.

Experts suggest that hanging noise reduction shades is one way to mediate these issues. By adding a solid layer against windows, one will dampen the loud sounds of the outside world and create a more peaceful room. Noise reduction shades are available in different styles, including honeycomb and roman.
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