Repairing windows with a touch of roller shades

Aug 2 2010

Repairing windows with a touch of roller shades
Repairing windows with a touch of roller shades
Peter Hotton, the Boston Globe's handyman-on-call, recently gave some advice for homeowners who may have experienced rot on their window frames from moisture. He claimed that wood deterioration was the result of a poor design that didn't allow water to drain from the trim of the frame.

If this happens to a window, he recommends removing the inside sill and the window from its hinges. After this process, one should cut the exterior sill in half and take each piece out with a pinch or flat bar.

All the nails should be removed and the old sill should be replaced with a stock or pressure-treated one. Hotton also states that the rotted areas can be dug out and fixed with a wood harden or rot filler, which will make a window appear whole again. This process can save homeowners from purchasing a whole new window, especially if it is caulked.

Experts claim that window treatments can be a key source of ventilation in a home and may prevent the build-up of damaging moisture around windows. Roller shades are beautiful solutions to a potentially rotting windowsill, as their wide range of available features guarantees that they will appropriately fit in any home.
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