Moms who have trouble sleeping can use room darkening shades

Jul 30 2010

Moms who have trouble sleeping can use room darkening shades
Moms who have trouble sleeping can use room darkening shades
A study conducted by the National Sleep Foundation has found that almost two-thirds of women in the United States have insomnia. No matter how busy or full a day can be, many mothers, especially, are unable to go to bed when it's time.

Experts claim that a good night's sleep is seven or eight hours a night, but reports that the majority of mothers get far fewer hours of than this every night.

The news source suggests that constant worriers can try to start a worry book, in which they record all of their concerns before attempting to go to sleep. This should be done fifteen minutes before getting into bed.

It's important to write in this book outside of bed. By taking tasks such as bills or other projects into the covers, many people end up linking the bed with stress, sleep specialist Meir Kryger suggested to the news provider. Alcohol and sleeping aids can also damage long-term sleeping habits.

Analysts also say that a dark environment is the one of the things most conducive to slumber. Hanging room darkening or blackout shades in the bedroom can foster a relaxing atmosphere and promote healthier sleep habits in those who have insomnia.
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