Saving energy with solar screen shades

Jul 14 2010

Saving energy with solar shades
Saving energy with solar shades
Robin Wilson, one of Oprah Magazine's top green designers, tackled a 1950s home for the Early Show on CBS, and employed the newest in environmentally friendly technology.

Wilson initially remodeled the living room, and saved the family energy by replacing the rear-projection television with an LCD screen. She also traded the old, drafty door with a new one, before moving onto the kitchen.

Here, the famous designer used recycled glass countertops and installed appliances which were far more energy efficient, according to the news source. Wilson claims that an old refrigerator can waste the amount of electricity required to light a home for four months.

Wilson's solution for the windows were solar screen shades, which she claimed could save 35 percent on an electric bill, because they insulate a home better, keeping warm air outside of a house during the summer and inside during the winter.

Solar screen shades also reduce the glare coming from windows, while still offering a view of the outdoors to allow a soft, natural lighting into a room. They can also be made from eco-friendly fabrics, so a homeowner can save the environment while saving money.
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