Making a home eco-friendly

Jul 8 2010

Making a home eco-friendly
Making a home eco-friendly
Discovery's Planet Green has released a guide on how to make a home go green. One of the top steps to becoming eco-friendly is a simple evaluation of all furniture options before purchasing new pieces for bedrooms or living rooms.

There is a developing trend for green furniture, according to the news source. Recycled or recyclable materials are being used to craft comfortable and aesthetic pieces like aluminum chairs. Metal and plastic are highlighted as the most environmentally friendly materials from which furniture can be made.

Another way to make your furniture green is to find pieces that have been crafted with reclaimed materials, like flawed or ancient wood from old homes. Not only do these materials save trees from being chopped down, they also add a sophisticated and natural look to a room.

Bamboo shades are recently becoming very popular as eco-friendly additions to the house. It grows very quickly, isn't maintained by pesticides and has the same strength to weight ratio as steel. This guarantees that the shades will also be durable, something Planet Green also recommends.

"While our business is window blinds and treatments, we realize the far reaching benefits of bamboo," says Chris Stanley of Blinds Chalet.
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