Constructed for privacy, pleated shades can be outfitted to many window sizes

Oct 31 2011

Pleated shade are a versatile choice for window coverings in any room.
Pleated shade are a versatile choice for window coverings in any room.
Choosing the right window treatment for a particular space means considering the amount of light, privacy, energy savings and ease of care that is needed.

Pleated shades from Blinds Chalet have a number of features that make them a versatile choice for a variety of locations in the home. They stack tightly when raised to maximize an outdoor view and let in light, but can be adjusted to any length to minimize damage from ultraviolet rays on furniture, carpeting and home accessories.

With Blinds Chalet's "no holes" construction to keep light from seeping through lift cord holes, the company's pleated shades are able to offer the same privacy as other styles. Their popularity has also led to a wide variety of shapes for non-rectangular windows, triangular sections in sunrooms and those outfitted for skylights.

Both light-filtering and room-darkening pleated shades are available in a range of neutral colors as well as harvest gold, burgundy, gray and a softened green called mezzo.

In order to select the right finish and color, Blinds Chalet recommends that homeowners send for a free sample of the pleated shade they are considering. With each sample comes a discount coupon that takes 30 percent off the regular price.
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