Versatile horizontal fabric shades combine qualities of several window coverings

Oct 17 2011

Windows can be stylishly dressed with horizontal fabric shades.
Windows can be stylishly dressed with horizontal fabric shades.
Horizontal fabric shades takes their look and function from three types of window covering - venetian blinds, roman shades and pleated shades.

"Our View Fabric Shades operate like a horizontal shade but look like a fabric roman shade," according to the Blinds Chalet website. "[They] can be raised and lowered as well as tilted like a horizontal blind. View Fabric Shades are made from print fabrics in linen and cloth designs."

Color choices for both solid and print shades include various shades of blue, brown, off-white, pink, green, gray and red.

Currently, the light-filtering and room-darkening insulating fabric shades are available with a special savings with a $25 mail in rebate on each shade ordered until December 17. A maximum of 10 shades may be ordered with the discount. A blinds rebate form can be downloaded from the Blinds Chalet website.

Both shades offer strong insulation that reduces heat loss in winter and solar heat gain in summer for a savings in the homeowner's energy costs. "Each fabric slat opens like a blind but offers the soft looks of a shade. The 1-inch cell compresses to allow a clear view [to outdoors]," the website states.

Both insulating blinds are GreenGuard certified for indoor air quality.
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