French Pleat Custom Drapery is a classic look from Blinds Chalet

Oct 17 2011

Custom drapery is elegant in any style of home decor.
Custom drapery is elegant in any style of home decor.
A window treatment that can be designed to fit any home décor and budget is customized drapery.

With a wide selection of colors, fabrics and patterns in stripes and florals, Blinds Chalet offers custom drapes in several styles that include grommet drapery panels, ring top, french pleat, or rod pocket curtains. Each drapery top style offers the same fabric selection with the exception of the grommet and french pleat where most but not all of the fabrics are available.

For instance, among the patterns for French Pleat Drapery is the contemporary Studio Scroll, which is available in the monochromatic soft gold, sienna and bone, but also in contrasting designs and color combinations that include dark brown scrolls on various backgrounds of brown and tan, as well as a black-and-cream combo.

"French Pleat Drapery panels offer a classic look to any décor," according to the company website. "Each panel comes with fullness so order the size area you need to cover."

Privacy and blackout liners are available for an additional charge.

By ordering samples, consumers can be sure of the texture and color of their selection. With each sample, Blinds Chalet offers a discount coupon for a substantial savings.
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