Ultimate cordless cell shades provide style, durability and child-safe construction

Aug 11 2011

Cordless blinds are a child-safe choice in any room.
Cordless blinds are a child-safe choice in any room.
With toddlers and young children around, the most child-safe window treatments to have are cordless window blinds.

All blinds have cords, but cordless ones are enclosed within the blinds. "Kid friendly blinds include shutters, cordless blinds, motorized blinds or vertical blinds that have a single wand operator," according to Blinds Chalet, which carries all these varieties.

Currently, the company is offering a special discount on its Ultimate Cordless ¾-inch single cell shades, which are made from high-quality spun lace fabric. The microfiber is a softer material than what is usually found in window shades, but still highly durable.

The Ultimate line has a new design for its lift mechanism that makes them easier to lift, with a headrail that hides brackets and controls light better. The new cordless mechanism is in the bottomrail for better operation.

Available in white ("Quebec") and beige ("London"), Ultimate cordless cell shades offer a window treatment with clean lines to fit any number of room designs. With a discount coupon offered by Blinds Chalet, consumers have an instant savings of 30 percent off the cost of an order.
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