Decorate a child's room with roller shades

Nov 16 2010

Decorate a child's room with roller shades
Decorate a child's room with roller shades
When it comes to decorating a youngster's room, parents often face a difficult choice, because children's interests are always evolving, so it's best to make a space that is general enough to change, but specific enough to feel personal.

Interior designer Rachel Reider recently shared a few tips with The Boston Globe for those who are looking to design a child's room. She recommends furnishing the area with items that don't require too much maintenance.

For example, Reider installed carpet tiles in a room, which are durable and easy to change if they become stained. Multi-purpose furniture can also be a practical addition to a child's room. A glider can be an ideal piece for parents snuggling with young ones and reading them a bed-time story and, later, children can read from it themselves.

If the occupant is a teen, Reider suggests that parents discuss design preferences with their child. Adolescents often have their own ideas about a room.

When it comes to window treatments, it can also be beneficial to find shades that are both versatile and aesthetic. Roller shades are available in many different colors and styles and are sure to fit well with the changing themes of a child's bedroom.
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