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The Famous Stained Glass Windows of La Sagrada Familia

The Famous Stained Glass Windows of La Sagrada Familia

... more
Solar Experiments For Kids
It is everyone's responsibility to be alert to the the environment and what we can do to help ensure that we have all of the resources we need and still protect the beauty of everything around us. One of the ways to take care of the environment is to learn alternatives to using natural resources. For example, instead of being totally dependent on oil for fuel, we should look for ways to use other resources, such as the sun, wind and water.... more
A Homeowners Resource Guide to Home Design and Decorating
With the current prices of houses, your home will probably be the biggest investment that you will ever make. It's an investment that you will have for as long as you own the house, and you could be paying for it for the next thirty years. However, the cost of the home is just the beginning.... more
Window Blinds Safety Tips for Kids and Pets
Shopping for window blinds involves much more than making a decision based upon design, color, and size. Window-blind cords pose a direct hazard to children and pets, and consumers should consider the latest safety standards when making a purchase. While many have corded blinds in their home and have taken steps to prevent accidents such as choking or strangulation due to dangling cords, the safest approach is to select cordless window coverings and blinds. Window-blind cords have caused accidents and deaths in children ranging from infancy to elementary-age. In addition, curious dogs and cats may inadvertently have a window-blind cord wrap around their necks and suffer serious and fatal consequences. Strangulation and near-strangulation incidents due to window-blind cords are a dangerous reality that is more common than one may realize. When childproofing or making a home safe for a new pet, window blinds and cord safety must be a top concern.... more
Stained Glass Window Resource & History Guide
Color has a unique transformative ability. If you paint a room red, a person can have an entirely different gut reaction upon walking in than if the same room were painted green or blue. When color is combined with glass, as it is in stained-glass windows, the effect is nothing short of magical. Stained-glass windows have been around since the 7th century and the process of coloring glass has been around for much longer, but the medium still proves to be a popular one today. From its use in the Middle Ages as a storytelling tool to the beautiful accents of modern windows, stained glass has a history every bit as rich as the colors it uses.... more
Blinding Light: A Guide to the Sun
Literally at the center of our galaxy lies a reason for our existence: the sun. The sun has often been personified in mythology as a life-bringer. In ancient Egypt, the sun god Ra was the father of the Egyptian civilization, particularly the pharaohs, giving the royal family the divine right to rule. Apollo and Helios in Greek mythology are both personified as light deities connected to the sun and both established and maintained order in the universe with their many powers. Aztec legends attribute the sun to many gods, each bringing gifts to mankind that improve their lives by keeping them fed and warm and protecting them from their enemies. In short, the importance of this glowing orb that travels the sky has always been acknowledged and respected. With the advances of modern science and astronomy, we have been able to become even more acquainted with the facts and science behind the workings of this fantastically complex and important celestial body.... more
Computer Accessibility For the Blind
The World Wide Web is often considered the "great equalizer" for a large number of people. A lot of groups have gained more visibility due to the Internet. Unfortunately, however, those who are blind or have poor vision often have difficulty using the Web, for obvious and some not-so obvious reasons. Fortunately, there are a lot of software solutions for people with vision impairment, but teachers, educators, and parents need to be aware of the difficulty of using and getting used to this software.... more
In Shade and Sun - A Guide to Healthy Trees
You have a home that is comfortable to live in on the inside, but you think it needs something on the outside. You look at your yard and all you see is grass, but something is missing. One of the simplest ways to improve the look of a yard is the addition of trees. While trees can add beauty, shade in the summer and a place for birds and other animals, it is important to understand what trees need to survive.... more
Stained Glass Windows
Revered for their beauty and splendor, stained glass windows were a staple in Gothic architecture and have adorned cathedrals and churches for hundreds of years. Majestic in display, stained glass is often associated with religious icons and Bible stories displayed in painted glass; however, early records show that there were secular uses of stained glass windows. The inherent loveliness of stained glass has kept it one of the most popular glass forms for centuries. Collectors and museums pay careful attention to restoring these illuminating relics, while modern art workers seek new ways of using stained glass. Though not as common in churches today as they were during the Middle Ages, stained glass windows continue to dazzle and amaze spectators with their alluring are rays of colored hues.... more
Safety With Window Treatments
When it comes to making a home safe, there are numerous things that must be taken into consideration. One thing that people often overlook when taking steps to make their home safe, is window coverings. Unfortunately, window coverings, and blinds in particular, can be very hazardous especially if there are small children in the home. While many newer products available meet safety standards, older window coverings may not and as such it is important to take steps to make them as safe as possible.... more