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Protect Your Home From Wood Ants and Termites
Carpenter ants and termites can do significant damage to the structure of your home. The damage that these bugs do often goes unnoticed or is mistaken for water damage. Improper or neglected treatment of wood-damaging bugs can result in a large infestation and weakened structural wood. Whether you're considering buying a house, selling a house, or are currently living in your dream home, learning more about carpenter ants and termites and finding out about different ways to combat them can prevent a lot of hassle and costly repairs in the long run.... more
Scholarship Information for the Blind & Visually Impaired
Scholarships can offset some of the expenses a visually impaired or blind student may incur while attending school. Awards can range from a few hundred dollars to a full tuition waiver. These scholarships may require that the applicant be legally blind, prove a certain level of vision loss, or be the client of an agency that serves the visually impaired. Study the eligibility requirements of the scholarships you apply for and follow application procedures carefully. In addition to researching scholarships, check out schools that provide services to blind and visually impaired students.... more
Home Escape Plans: Exiting windows & doors during Natural Disasters
Natural disasters often hit without warning, necessitating quick action to escape injury. If an emergency hits while you are at home, a home evacuation could become imperative for survival. Every member of your family needs to understand a home escape plan so everyone can respond readily to the emergency. Whether an earthquake shakes your area, a fire breaks out, or a flood threatens your home, having a comprehensive home escape plan can help you think clearly about how to respond.... more
Be an Astronomer Right from Your Window!
For thousands of years, people have been fascinated by the stars and the heavens. Ever since the time of Galileo, people have been enamored with the mystery and beauty of what our universe has to offer. People today do not have to work at NASA to get a close-up look at the planets and stars. You can be your own astronomer and your own scientist, all from the comfort of your own home or your own backyard.... more
The Famous Stained Glass Windows of La Sagrada Familia

The Famous Stained Glass Windows of La Sagrada Familia

... more
Solar Experiments For Kids
It is everyone's responsibility to be alert to the the environment and what we can do to help ensure that we have all of the resources we need and still protect the beauty of everything around us. One of the ways to take care of the environment is to learn alternatives to using natural resources. For example, instead of being totally dependent on oil for fuel, we should look for ways to use other resources, such as the sun, wind and water.... more
A Homeowners Resource Guide to Home Design and Decorating
With the current prices of houses, your home will probably be the biggest investment that you will ever make. It's an investment that you will have for as long as you own the house, and you could be paying for it for the next thirty years. However, the cost of the home is just the beginning.... more
Window Blinds Safety Tips for Kids and Pets
Shopping for window blinds involves much more than making a decision based upon design, color, and size. Window-blind cords pose a direct hazard to children and pets, and consumers should consider the latest safety standards when making a purchase. While many have corded blinds in their home and have taken steps to prevent accidents such as choking or strangulation due to dangling cords, the safest approach is to select cordless window coverings and blinds. Window-blind cords have caused accidents and deaths in children ranging from infancy to elementary-age. In addition, curious dogs and cats may inadvertently have a window-blind cord wrap around their necks and suffer serious and fatal consequences. Strangulation and near-strangulation incidents due to window-blind cords are a dangerous reality that is more common than one may realize. When childproofing or making a home safe for a new pet, window blinds and cord safety must be a top concern.... more
Stained Glass Window Resource & History Guide
Color has a unique transformative ability. If you paint a room red, a person can have an entirely different gut reaction upon walking in than if the same room were painted green or blue. When color is combined with glass, as it is in stained-glass windows, the effect is nothing short of magical. Stained-glass windows have been around since the 7th century and the process of coloring glass has been around for much longer, but the medium still proves to be a popular one today. From its use in the Middle Ages as a storytelling tool to the beautiful accents of modern windows, stained glass has a history every bit as rich as the colors it uses.... more
Blinding Light: A Guide to the Sun
Literally at the center of our galaxy lies a reason for our existence: the sun. The sun has often been personified in mythology as a life-bringer. In ancient Egypt, the sun god Ra was the father of the Egyptian civilization, particularly the pharaohs, giving the royal family the divine right to rule. Apollo and Helios in Greek mythology are both personified as light deities connected to the sun and both established and maintained order in the universe with their many powers. Aztec legends attribute the sun to many gods, each bringing gifts to mankind that improve their lives by keeping them fed and warm and protecting them from their enemies. In short, the importance of this glowing orb that travels the sky has always been acknowledged and respected. With the advances of modern science and astronomy, we have been able to become even more acquainted with the facts and science behind the workings of this fantastically complex and important celestial body.... more