Blinds Chalet vs IKEA Bamboo Blinds

The items you choose for your home decor reflect your own style and taste. Making the right decisions for each item of furniture matters. Often you can pick up simple adornments from your local IKEA store along with other household items. But for your custom bamboo blinds, you want to purchase from someone with superior quality and value.

Each of our woven wood shades, bamboo curtains, and bamboo panels are custom made to your exact sizes and specifications you won't encounter at IKEA. No gaps along the sides of the window and the bamboo blinds. With Blinds Chalet, our bamboo blinds are cut to fit your windows not like those off the self at IKEA.

Our knowledgeable staff has experience specifically in window treatments unlike those large furniture stores like IKEA. Bamboo blinds are attractive, earth-friendly, and economically priced at Blinds Chalet.

Why do we insist that furniture stores such as IKEA must not be your source for window blinds? Certainly this sort of retailer has its benefits for millions of items because of its accessibility and low-cost for much of its merchandise. But for something this important to your overall home decor presentation, turn to the experts at Blinds Chalet.

Not only is Blinds Chalet able to beat the price and quality of the limited bamboo blinds offerings at IKEA, but we also send to you custom fitting blinds so you do not have to wrestle with adjusting the length or dealing with stacks of blind slats at the base of your windows as you do with the cut-down blinds that IKEA sells. Buy your custom bamboo blinds from Blinds Chalet today!

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