Solar Shades, Blackout Shades, and Other Window Treatments that Block Ultraviolet Transmission

Solar shades are light filtering, blackout shades completely block light. Both can be excellent window treatments if you are concerned about UV rays and want to preserve your fabrics and wood. Ultraviolet rays may not be visible to the human eyes but can damage carpet, furniture, and fade wood flooring.

Light Filtering Shades

Solar energy can be divided into three bands: the ultraviolet band, the visible band and the near infrared band. The ultraviolet band is responsible for fabric fading. The visible band is responsible mainly for glare. UV blockage ratings measure a window shades ability to keep these harmful rays from passing though the shade. A light filtering shade like solar shades are rated by the openess of the fabric. For example this Comfortex Sheer Weave Roller Shade has an openess factor of 14% and is an excellent shade to use if you want to block UV but still allow the ability to see through the shade. Another light filtering shade option is the Solar Screen Shade with a 3% openness factor. The lower the ultraviolet transmission of a window shades, the better the shade will do blocking UV rays.

Blackout Shades

Blackout and room darkening shades block more UV rays than light filtering shades. These light blocking shades are recommended for bedrooms, theater rooms and any room where you would like to completely control light transmission. Blackout shades are generally sold in conjunction with another style of shade like a honeycomb shade or a bamboo shade and can move in conjunction with or independently.

Energy Efficient Shades

All window shades offer varying degree's of UV transmission. It is better to use any type of window covering than none at all so that you are able to offer some degree's of insulation whether it be heat gain or loss. The better the insulating window shades the more energy you save. Windows account for nearly 30% of the houses heat gain or loss. Pick a window treatment that will provide better insulation and you can save on your energy costs. Here are Blinds Chalet's top picks that offer insulation and UV protection:


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