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Decorating your windows can have a significant effect on the way the rest of your room looks. If you want a darker style in a room, for instance, then covering the window with bright treatments is simply not going to work. The best part about window décor is that there are many DIY approaches you can take to get a unique look to your window without spending a lot of money. Another benefit to taking the DIY approach is that you can use your own style to get the exact results you want. You should take some time to allow your creativity to take over and create window treatments that are unique to your home.

Turning Household Items Into Curtains

A good place to start in a discussion about DIY window treatments is with a list of things you have right now that can be turned into curtains. Those lacy tablecloths you don't use anymore would look great running across the top of any curtain arrangement. Items such as blankets, sheets, thin rugs, and even clothing can be used to make unique window treatments. If you have some old denim jeans, then get to work turning them into curtains that no one else in your neighborhood has. Instead of throwing out your old items, you can give them new life as treatments for your windows.

Adding Some Functionality to Your Windows

When you consider putting treatments up on your windows, you should try to incorporate functionality in with your DIY designs. For example, building a padded bench in the bay window in your front room will look great, and it will also give you a place to sit and watch the next rainstorm. Those large blankets or sheets you no longer use can become homemade curtains that will more than cover your windows. When you use larger curtains, it makes the entire room look bigger. That means that you can put those old sheets and blankets to work by having them create the illusion of size in any room.

Using Mother Nature to Your Advantage

Is it possible that something as simple as a curtain rod could add character to your room? It can if you take a DIY approach to your curtains and window treatments. Instead of a standard and boring curtain rod, consider using a straight piece of driftwood instead. You could also get an interesting-looking small tree branch, coat it with a protective substance, and use that as your curtain rod. Mother Nature is filled with options for your window treatments that you may have never thought of before. For example, not using any type of curtain or shade at all can be a great look for a room that would look bigger with natural light. You can also use seashells, pine cones, and other natural items as decorations for your window sills.

Making Your Own Blinds and Shades

Anyone interested in getting a professional-looking window treatment that has their own style to it should consider making their own blinds and shades. When you make your own window treatments, you can decide the color and the design that will be used, even if it's something offbeat. If you want plaid blinds, then go ahead and make them yourself. Not only will making your own shades and blinds get you the exact look you want, but it will save you money as well.

Be a Kid Again

If you were one of those kids who got in trouble for writing on the walls with markers or crayons, then you are the perfect kind of person to decorate your own windows in your own way. Markers, paints, and even glue with glitter can be used to decorate a window and its sill in ways that no one else has. You can also cut out pictures from magazines and glue them to your window frame to get a unique look. Add a coat of clear shellac to those pictures to make sure that they last for years.

Instead of spending a fortune on decorating your windows, you can get creative and do the job yourself for a fraction of the cost. Using the DIY approach to creating window treatments might wind up being the ultimate arts and crafts project, but it is also something that the whole family can get involved with. Develop creative ways to decorate your windows and you can add a whole new layer of character to your home that outshines anything that the other homes on your block have.
Article written by Lexi Westingate
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