Installing window shades can greatly help reduce energy costs by controlling the amount of heat gain and loss. Almost 50% off all energy in a home is lost through the windows. Selecting the correct window treatments can dramatically change the amount of energy you loose through your windows.

Here are some of the basic terms you will need to know when selecting window coverings and how much they help reduce energy costs.

Solar Transmittance refers to the amount of energy that passes through the window covering. The lower the solar transmittance, the more effective the shades will be at conserving energy.

Solar Reflectance refers to the amount of energy that is absorbed by the window covering. The higher the solar reflectance value, the more energy efficient the shades are.

Shading coefficient and R-value are two more factors that contribute to how energy efficient window shades are.

To determine how much money window shades will save on your energy bills and see which window coverings are the most energy efficient visit our energy shade calculator or our energy efficient shades.


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