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Most kids love to make original works of art, and many different media offer fun and enjoyable ways for kids to design and produce beautiful creations. Window art projects are a perfect way for kids to get creative, and displaying the finished art on windows can be a perfect way to share these projects with the world. When you hang items on the windows, people can see them from both inside and outside of the house. Many window art projects have special themes that fit with holidays throughout the year, including Christmas, Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, and more. Some projects are also perfect for ushering in each season.

  • Lesson Plan: Stained Glass and Social Class in Medieval Europe: Kids can learn about stained glass from medieval Europe, and then they can make their own stained glass windows.
  • Stained Glass Window Art: This window art project involves painting tempera paint directly onto windows, using painter's tape to separate the different colors.
  • Stained Glass Lesson Plan (PDF): This lesson plan begins with information about design elements of stained glass, and then students learn basic techniques for making their own versions of a stained glass object.
  • Fun Christmas Activities (PDF): This book contains many different art projects, including a snowflake made out of paper and cellophane designed to hang in a window.
  • Abstract Window Art: It's easy and fun to make an abstract design on a window by simply cutting colored transparency sheets into shapes and sticking them to the glass.
  • Cheap and Easy Crafts for Everyone (PDF): Making a stained glass window is an inexpensive craft activity that involves drawing paper and markers.
  • Activities Handbook (PDF): This activity book contains many ideas for art projects, including a dreamcatcher that can be hung in a window.
  • Personalized Suncatchers: This project involves affixing contact paper to the window using washi tape and then adding colorful pieces of tissue paper to the contact paper.
  • Telling Stories Through Stained Glass (PDF): This lesson plan includes background information about stained glass art as well as instructions for creating a stained glass project.
  • Glitter Lid Suncatcher Mobile: Plastic lids from containers can become colorful and glittering parts of a mobile after completing this fun craft project.
  • Make a Stencil (PDF): After making an art stencil, kids can affix it to a window, and then they can paint on the glass using special glass paints.
  • Melted Beads Suncatcher Craft: Melting pony beads in the oven is the central technique for this craft. After melting the beads, they become beautiful suncatchers.
  • Salt Dough Suncatchers: Making suncatchers out of salt dough and then filling them with colorful melted pony beads can be an appealing project for children.
  • Suncatcher Rainbow Hearts: Adding colorful watercolors to coffee filters is the first step to making suncatcher rainbow hearts. Then, you simply cut the filters into heart shapes and laminate them before hanging them in the windows.
  • Crayon Shaving Suncatcher: You can use up old crayons to make suncatchers by first grating them with a kitchen grater and then melting them onto wax paper with an iron.
  • Valentine's Day Heart Suncatcher Craft: After arranging heart-shaped cookie cutters on a baking sheet, kids can fill the cookie cutters with beads or gems. The next step involves adding glue and allowing it to set before popping the shapes out and hanging them in the window.
  • Suncatcher Heart Garland: With salt dough, cookie cutters, and pony beads, kids can make a garland of heart suncatchers to decorate the windows.
  • Paper Plate Shamrock Suncatcher for a St. Patrick's Day Craft: This easy paper plate craft involves cutting a shamrock shape out of the center of a paper plate and then gluing green tissue paper over the open shape.
  • Flower Suncatchers: Kids could even do this project in a vehicle by affixing contact paper to car windows and then sticking fresh flowers to the contact paper.
  • Tissue Paper Stained Glass for Spring: With contact paper and tissue paper, kids can make a bright flower collage on the window that brings in the feeling of spring.
  • Easy Window Clings: Make art that sticks to your window using only a few common household ingredients.
  • Leaf Suncatchers: Using watercolors or food coloring and some coffee filters, kids can make eye-catching fall leaves to hang on a window.
Article written by Lexi Westingate
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