To better understand the terms and phrases used to define solar screen shades we have created a list. Solar screen shades are referred to as sheer weave shades, solar shades, or screen shades. They are not privacy shades but rather fabric window shades that are used to block uv rays and reduce energy costs and not block the view.

Solar Screen Shade Terms

Fenestration Data: An architechtural/engineering term used to describe the proportioning of windows and the factors that influence the admittance of energy through the glass.

Glaze: To furnish a window with glass or another material such as window treatments. When window shades or other heat control devices are used in combination with the window glass, the combination is referred to as glazing.Mary

Openness Factor (OF): The ratio of open areas within the overall fabric of the solar shades.

Shading Coefficient(SC): This is the sun control capability of the window shades.

Solar Transmittance(Ts): The ratio of the total amount of solar energy passing through the glazing system to the amount to total solar energy falling on the glazing system. In other words, the amount of solar energy passing through the glass and window shades to the amount hitting the window.

Solar Reflectance(Rs): The ratio of the total amount of solar energy reflected outwards by the window and screen shades to the total solar energy falling on the glazing system.

Solar Absorptance(As): Th ratio of the total amount of solar energy absorbed by the window treatments to the total amount falling on the window glazing system.

UV Transmittance(Tuv): This value is used to determine the effectiveness in guarding against UV degradation. The UV Transmittance value is directly related to the openness of the screen shades.

Visible Transmittance(Tv): The ratio of the total amount of solar energy that is allowed to pass through the window and the window shades. This value is the the amount of glare received by a person through the solar screen shades.

An average house has 18% of the overall square footage as windows. Window coverings can greatly decrease energy bills. Choosing the proper window shades such as solar screen shades can greatly reduce energy costs. Not all window coverings will save energy as well as others. Some shades are more energy efficient than others. Solar screen shades are a great energy efficient shades but because of their unique sheer weave fabric, they will not block the view.


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