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Of all the rooms in your house, you would think that most of the accidents occur in the kitchen. With use of knives to cut and stove tops and ovens to cook, the chances of accidental injuries are very apparent. However, it is not the most dangerous room in your home. That honor belongs to the bathroom.

Most of the accidents that occur in the bathroom is related to falling. In fact, 81% of all bathroom injuries are the result of a fall. Many things can cause falls in a bathroom. Slipping in the tub or shower is a common cause, as is having water on the floor. The dangerous part of falling in a bathroom is the likelihood of hitting your head on the floor, sink or other bathroom fixture. This can lead to loss of consciousness, concussions, or other severe brain injuries. In addition, a hit can cause a loss of blood and a nasty gash which may need stitches.

The two biggest groups which are in danger of injury in the bathroom are senior citizens and young children. Each have different dangers to be concerned about. Typically, the elderly have limitations on mobility. This can make them more susceptible to falls and trips in and around the bathroom, which can result in injuries. Young children have other concerns. Young children have a tendency to run and not pay attention to where they are going, which can result in them tripping and falling. In addition, parents need to be concerned about children getting into medication that are left in bathrooms. This is why they need to be in child proof containers and also out of reach of children.

While bathrooms are statistically one of the most dangerous rooms in your home, you can do your part to ensure that it can be a safe place. For the elderly, make sure there are rails in the bathtub and shower so that they can grasp it for support. Also, the use of a mat or non-slip appliques can help avoid slippages. For children, make sure that any rugs are straight and not flipped over, and keep medication out of the reach of children. And in general, insure that the floors are not wet, so that it will reduce the chance of people slipping and falling.

Be safe!

Article written by Lexi Westingate
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