Trying to function without appropriate amounts of sleep can result in delayed reaction time and symptoms similar to intoxication. With the proper rest, creativity increases, mood improves and efficiency increases. Many people who work during the night have a hard time getting the necessary sleep during the day as sunlight indicates to the body it should be awake. Creating a dark, comfortable atmosphere increases the chances of getting a good night’s sleep. Babies and children may also protest naps in rooms that get a lot of sunlight. The solution is the SlumberShade.

The SlumberShade was specifically designed to help people obtain a more restful night’s sleep. Research has proven that sleeping in a dark, quiet room can help manage not only sleep, but also mood and energy. The results of a good night’s sleep include feeling more refreshed and alert.

To encourage a decent night’s sleep, each purchase of SlumberShades comes with a copy of the National Sleep Foundation’s Guide: Better Sleep Through Light Management. The SlumberShade’s exclusive sidetrack system blocks light from entering along the edges of blinds. The outside facing edge of the track comes in white, tan or bronze to match window trims, however the inside strip is lined black to absorb light. The tops of the blinds are sealed in by a fuzzy seal to block exterior light at the top of the shade. The sidetrack system is attached magnetically and is easy to pop off for cleaning the window treatments.

SlumberShades are also energy efficient, blocking air leaks as well as light. These window treatments have an R Value over 7.0 when installed over double-pane vinyl windows and offer 2 ½ - 3 times more insulation than the same shade without side tracks.

SlumberShades can accommodate windows ranging in size from 9”x9” to 96” x 120” and Blinds Chalet will custom size these shades to fit individual windows. These shades are available with five hardware options:
  • Standard Rectangular
  • Top Down Bottom Up
  • Smoothly Continuous Cord
  • Cordless
  • Cordless Top Down Bottom Up

Available in a variety of fabrics, these window shades offer a neutral street facing side. These are the only window treatments available that completely darken a room. They are best suited for day sleepers, baby rooms and home theater systems, as well as office environments where presentations are made.

Be sure to purchase blinds and window treatments from an authorized retailer. On-line stores often offer free shipping as well as additional discounts for shoppers. Look for companies that have a customer service line staffed by people as well as a company that has been in business for several years. Samples can be ordered through on-line stores to ensure color and material matching before an order is placed.
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