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Roll-up Window Shades are a Top Pick For Summer Blinds

May 18 2010

Roll-up Window Shades come in a variety of styles. But for summer’s heat, Sheer Weave Roller Shades are a popular choice for offices and homes. Sheer Weave Blinds earned their name from the woven pattern that filters light out while at the same time offering views. The weave ranges from 3% openness going up as high as 14%. This is referred to as the openness factor, or the amount of open space within the weave. The tighter the weave, the more protection you will have against the sun and the more the blinds will help insulate your home. The higher the factor, the more views you will be able to maintain.

Roll-up window shades soften the look of a room, while finishing the feel. Installing window treatments is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to up the value of a property. Roller shades let people feel the environment outside the house, without overheating during hot summer days.

The way the weave filters light, creates a soft warm light in rooms. For people working next to windows, these Sheer Weave Roller Shades cut the glare and make working easy on the eyes. Eye strain from sunlight can lead to squinting and result in headaches. Roll-up window treatments let workers adjust the amount of light coming in, without cutting them off from the natural cycle of the day.

Offices aren’t the only buildings that can benefit from Sheer Weave Roller Shades. Any home with a south-facing window will find their living experience enhanced by roll-up window shades. Not only are they easy to operate, making them ideal for people of all ages, but they insulate against the heat and the fading effects of UV rays.

Because these blinds are so effective at keeping rooms cooler than without blinds, a drop in energy bills can be expected in the summer. Less use of air conditioning is better for the environment and better for pocket books. The Sheer Weave Blind can be used indoors or outdoors. The make of the blind lends to easy cleaning. A simple wash off with a damp cloth and they will look like new. These roll-up window shades are durable enough to last through almost any weather condition.

The selection of colors makes these blinds versatile enough to work in any office or home. The natural variations come in shades of white, grey, brown and sand. Roller shades come with a quick turnaround time. Within two days these shades may be on their way to you. Be sure to use a company that can deliver and check to see if the color you want is in stock.

States like Florida and Arizona are prime candidates for these types of window treatments. But the weave design works well in any climate, especially higher altitudes where the sun’s rays are stronger and can be more damaging to carpets and furniture.

If you’re in the market for an upgrade in window treatments or you want to furnish a new house, Sheer Weave Roller Blinds are definitely worth strong consideration. The light filtering abilities with classic colors make these blinds a must have.
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