Who doesn’t like something for nothing? It’s the word free that attracts a lot of attention. When free is paired with window treatments it’s like an added bonus. Most people don’t window shop window treatments. If they sit down and start browsing through window blinds selections, it generally means they are ready to buy.

It’s getting that business that has become a challenge for companies since the recession. People who are spending are tightening their purse strings and looking for the best deals on the market. With so many window treatment companies to choose from, why not find one that offers discounts and incentives so you can not only save money but also have your window blinds delivered promptly to your doorstep.

Wood blinds bring the unique warmth and beauty of natural timber to windows and complement almost any décor. Wood window blinds should be expertly crafted with a precision finish to the smartest profile, while being engineered to function faultlessly.
Some of the best blinds on the market are made from the finest real basswood. From there, the wooden window blinds are all finished and tailored to perfection using only the best in components and craftsmanship. Wood blinds are easy to clean and work well in every household room from kitchens to bathrooms to bedrooms and home-offices.

While some companies want to charge for every last detail, including the screws needed to install the window treatments, other companies are offering discounts of up to 30% or more as well as throwing in a free valance on their wood blinds. These are the companies to look for. Be sure they offer name brands like Summit and Embassy.

A valance is placed over the blind and finishes the look of the window. The valance should be made of a matching material to the blind whether you buy wood or fabric window treatments. With fabrics you can use contrasting colors, but with wood blinds, you should stay with the same color and type of wood as the blind.

Crown moldings are fairly standard, however some valances have different contours like Signature wooden window blinds. The cornice-style of valance is a crown molding that sits outside the window frame on inside mount blinds. Cornice valances extend an additional 1” outside the window frame.

If you have children, be sure your wooden window blinds conform to child safety guidelines. Wood blinds compliment both professional and personal atmospheres.

So whether you’re looking for new window treatments or just looking to update the look of a room, consider wood window blinds. And don’t forget to look for companies offering incentives and discounts. They are out there and they want your business.
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