Use insulated window treatments if you live next to a busy highway, have noisy neighbors, or just want to reduce noise inside your home. The lack of doors, window coverings, and partitions can help noise travel throughout the house. Window treatments can greatly reduce sound both from outside the home and from within.

Noise Reducing Shades

Most window coverings will help with sound absorption but some are better than others. Typically a recommended insulated window treatments are the cellular shade whose design is one of the best sound absorbers. Cell shades have a unique cellular structure that will trap sound. The more cells a shade has the better it will do stopping noise. A double cell shade will stop noise better than a single cell shade but both are good noise reducing shades. Other shades will help reduce sound in the home as well. Roman shades and other fabric shades are good sound absorbers.

Homeowners should be conscious when buying window coverings, keeping in mind which blinds or shades will help reduce noises from outside as well as inside the home. Sound absorbing window treatments can help reduce stress and other health problems.

Cell Shade Sound Absorption

1/2" Translucent Single Cell Shades0.45
3/8" Translucent Double Cell Shades0.55
3/8" Room Darkening Double Cell Shades0.55
1/2" Translucent Double Cell Shades0.55
3/4" Translucent Single Cell Shades0.55
3/4" Blackout Single Cell Shades0.40

Noise Related Health Concerns

Effects of sound in the home has been shown to be irritating and long exposure to noise can cause health problems. Noise has been shown to elevate blood pressure, cause gastrointestinal difficulties, lead to cardiovascular problems, and can cause stress.


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