With energy efficient window coverings, the fact is that any type of window covering is better than no window coverings at all when if comes to energy conservation. Not all window coverings are created equal however at conserving energy. But any window treatment can help lower energy costs and sometimes by hundreds of dollars per year. Blinds Chalet has created a simple tool to calculate how much window coverings save. Simply enter your home size and calculate which are the best energy efficient shades.

Types of Energy Efficient Shades at Blinds Chalet:
  • U.V. Protection Shades - In addition to superior insulation our cellular shades eliminate virtually 100% of U.V. rays that can fade and damage your furniture and flooring.

  • Temperature Control Shades - Control your energy use and room temps with our energy efficient shades. The cellular shade pattern offers a unique insulating barrier from your home and outside.

  • Light Diffusing Shades - Our energy efficient light filtering shades diffuse the light and allow your room to stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter without restricting the natural light.

  • Energy Smart Shades - Our cellular shade fabric is energy smart. The honeycomb structure traps air and keeps homes warmer in the winter and cooler on the summer helping to lower your overall energy costs.

Energy efficient honeycomb cellular shades are specifically designed to conserve energy and lower bills. There are 2 factors that will determine how well they insulate. First, is the number of cells in the shade. The more cells the shades have the better they insulate. A double cell shade is better than a single cell shade. The second factor is the light filtration. Room darkening shades are more energy efficient than light filtering cell shades.

For those that do not like the look of honeycomb shades, there are other options. Comfortex has created a fusion shade that combines the look of roman shades while adding a cell shade liner or backing. This shade provides the look of a roman shade and the insulation of a cell shade.

Solar screen shades are also great insulating shades, especially in the summer, and don't block the view.


Blinds Chalet has more than 25 years of experience selling and installing window coverings. Attractive, high quality, and energy efficient window blinds that fit any energy saving plan, decorating style, and budget. For information on what types of window blinds, blind accessories, and any other window covering needs, visit www.blindschalet.com.
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