We hear so much in the news today about "green" earth materials and being eco friendly. Blinds Chalet takes great pride in doing our part in many different ways. We are very aware that we have one earth and it is up to us a citizens of this planet to make sure that we save and conserve our resources.

Some of the ways that we at Blinds Chalet are doing our part in helping the environment....

Paper free office

It is so easy in todayÕs work environment to use a lot of paper when processing work orders. We strive to use as little paper as possible to help save trees and lighten the load in our rapidly overflowing land fills.

Farmed trees for wood use

Almost all of our wood products come from earth friendly tree farms that produce a continuous supply of wood, By using tree farmed products we are helping to prevent the cutting down of old growth forests and maintaining the planets existing trees from being used.

Earth friendly chemicals

While a lot of our products are man made Blinds Chalet strives to use only products that are safe for our environment. By stressing to our manufacturers to use only earth friendly chemicals we are helping to preserve our air for the future

We at Blinds Chalet want you to know with confidence that the blinds and shades in your home are earth friendly and safe to the environment. We will continue to strive to use products and manufacturers who are as committed to the environment as our customers are.


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