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Solar Shades: Which Screen is Best?

Mar 8 2010

Another popular question we receive is "Which Solar Shade should I buy?" This is a little harder to answer because it really depends on your needs. Are you trying to block out glare? Are you trying to preserve the view? Basically, why do you want the solar screen?

How Much Light Do You Want to Block?
When you purchase solar shades, it is important to realize you are not getting them for privacy. You get them to block out harsh UV light. At Blinds Chalet, we offer 14%, 5%, 4%, and 3% shades.

  • Note - The percent reflects how open the fabric is. Therefore, the higher the number the more light that is let through.

Installation Features
The majority of time solar shades are mounted inside the window. This gives a very clean look. This means you need to carefully measure the window in order to purchase the right size. All of the shades at Blinds Chalet are custom cut, so measuring is important. You can find a detailed measuring guide in our Knowledge Base.

Eco-Friendly Shades
What makes the shades "eco-friendly?"

  • PVC - Free - These energy efficient blinds are made from EcoGreen fabrics that contain no PVC and contain no volatile organic compounds.
  • 100% recyclable - When you are done with this window treatment, it is completely recyclable. No need to dirty up the landfills.
  • GreenGuard Certified - GreenGuard is an independent nonprofit organization that strives to make indoor air quality better.

No matter which solar shade you buy, you are making a wise choice. They are all great. The only real difference is how they function. No one is better than another. It really does depend on what you need from your shades.

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Mark J. Montgomery

May 4 2010

I agree with everything you are saying. Having been in the solar shade industry for over 30 years I would add that exterior shading has advanced tremendously. We now have systems with side tracks that shade cloth cannot pull out of even in the strongest of winds. solar Shades are a great investment for your home or business.

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