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Door Blinds

Oct 27 2010

There are tons of options for window treatments, from insulating shades, to room darkening shades, to cell shades, roman shades, roller shades and more. However, when it comes to doors, many wonder what their choices are. Will door blinds be effective in insulating or blocking light? There are options to choose from and it won’t be as painful as you think it will.

Advice for Buying Door Blinds

1.    Go on-line a do a little research on companies that sell window treatments on-line. One of the many benefits for ordering on-line is the door blinds are delivered to your home, no carting them home alone and struggling to get them in or out of the house. Look for a company that offers custom blinds. Standards blinds are great for some doors but not most. You want your door blinds to be a perfect fit.

2.    Before making a decision based on looks, consider whether or not you need insulating blinds, UV/sun blocking blinds, room darkening blinds or light filtering blinds. If you have a room that’s always cold because of a door draft, then consider insulating blinds. For south facing rooms, UV/sun blocking blinds would be a better choice.

3.    Once you know the type of blind: roller shades, sun shades, cell shades or others, find a company that offers the best price on that product. Some companies offer discounts of up to 30% as a fairly standard incentive. Other companies offer free shipping. Here are a few great door blinds:
    a.    EcoGreen Solar Screen Window Shades and EcoGreen Roller Shades. These are a great environmentally friendly window treatment for any door. Roller and Solar shades are most effective in insulating rooms against heat, blocking the sun’s glare and blocking UV rays. The EcoGreen line has no volatile organic compounds and is 100% recyclable and LEED certification friendly.
    b.    Roller Shades and Solar Shades. These professional looking door blinds bring class to office buildings as well as creating clean, finished lines to a room. They can generally be installed outside or inside. There may be an additional charge for exterior components.
    c.    Light Filtering Insulating Blinds. Insulating means warm. These door blinds help keep the cold out while letting light in, so you get privacy and a break on energy bills.
    d.    Room Darkening Insulating blinds. These are also made of a honeycomb fabric that helps keep homes warm. They are most often utilized in bedrooms, offices or home theater rooms.
    e.    Wood blinds. With a variety of stains, these will compliment other wood pieces in the room or flooring. The wood slats offer excellent light control and the wood insulates     against outside elements.
    f.    Vertical blinds. Vertical blinds are what most people think of when they see large sliding glass doors. These are slatted blinds and can be had at cost effective prices in faux wood and vinyl.

4.    Call before your order and speak to a customer service representative. Based on how helpful they are, you’ll know if there’s a problem whether or not they will be willing to help you.

åç5.    Don’t buy from the first company you encounter. Shop around. Check pricing, check deals. Make sure your price lists are equal, meaning do you get free shipping with one company and not another? What type of guarantee do they offer if you are unsatisfied?
Door blinds can be elegant, practical and efficient. Now that you have a few options to choose from, pick the one that suits you best. This is your home, give it the look and feel you’ll enjoy most.

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