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What Makes Solar Window Shades A Summer Favorite?

Apr 29 2010

No matter where people are, they generally like to enjoy the view from their windows but often the glare that comes from the sun as well as the amount of heat that enters makes it difficult to enjoy the view, thus Designer Solar Window Shades were invented. The unique shades allow you to control the amount of glare and heat that enters into a room. And with the recent introduction of Designer Solar Window Shades, people are excited to add a little spice to their rooms!

The choice is yours! To attend to the needs of a variety of customers, designer solar shades come in many different fabrics, weaves, patterns and colors. The most common of these is the solar shade that contains a 5% openness factor that preserves the view while filtering out natural light. With summer on the way, these designer shades are sure to be flying out the doors.

To meet the needs of all customers, solar window shades come in every size, weave and quality level of manufacturing. Many companies have adopted a Green approach and are offering solar window shades that are GREENGAURD Indoor Air Quality Certified for low emissions (LEED). This certification is obtained when a product offers air quality, environmental materials as well as energy savings. Blinds Chalet is proud to provide GREEENGUARD for Children and Schools Certified.

Depending on the specific company shipping the blinds, turnaround time can vary to some degree. However, many sizes and colors are kept in-house and will be available within a 2-day production time.

When shopping for solar blinds, make sure you do your research to ensure you are getting the best deal. Now that the demand for solar shades is increasing as spring and summer arrive, many companies offer discounts as much as 30% off of designer solar blinds. Make sure you find the designer blinds with the biggest discounts.

Solar shades help keep your house cooler and because of such aid in keeping the air conditioning bill down and offer other energy savings. Additionally, window shades can aid in the brightening or darkening of the room and can keep harmful heat and rays off of furniture, photographs, paintings and more.

"While glass tends to heat up the sun's rays as they enter your home, these transparent shades continually block and reflect this thermal energy before it has a chance to come into the room. But the real beauty is that just like sunglasses or car tints, you are still able to look out and enjoy the view from your house. This makes these shades ideal for any weather climate in any geographical landscape, city, or countryside," reports

Solar shades provide benefits that can be enjoyed far into the future. Additionally, solar shades prove to be very affordable and certainly worth the cost. Solar shades are a necessity for anyone in a warm area but also those in cool areas can enjoy the glare reduction offered by the unique shades.
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