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Sun Screens in Buckeye – I Told My Husband But he Wouldn’t Believe Me!

Jun 7 2011

Sun Screens in Buckeye are a must!  My husband and I recently moved from Orlando Florida to Buckeye, Arizona.  They both get hot, but there is quite a difference between the two climates.  Florida is very tropical, and it rains about every day.  There are practically always clouds in the sky for a good part of the day, and it is very humid.  Here in Buckeye, it is very dry and desert-ish, and there is a lot of sunshine.  We don’t see clouds very much at all.

The house we moved into has a beautiful master bedroom and an even more gorgeous master bathroom.  These two are definitely my dream rooms.  There was one problem that popped up though; the rooms both stayed so hot!  The rest of the house cooled down, but my bedroom would stay too hot during the night, which made it very uncomfortable to try to sleep.  And trying to take bath in my overheated bathroom … forget about it!  It made it feel like I was in a hot steam room.  During the night, I would get up and put the air conditioner down to seventy two degrees, and then my husband would get mad because we were making the rest of the house freezing, which he said we could not afford.

Because our bedroom and bath had some large, beautiful windows, I thought that the sun coming in may have been the reason it was getting so hot.  I thought maybe we needed some blinds, window shades or shutters.  I told my husband that, and he scoffed at me, telling me that the rooms wouldn’t be hot during the night if that were the case.  He said it had to be a problem with the air conditioner vents, and called in an A/C specialist.  This guy crawled up in the ceiling and mulled around for about an hour.  When he came back down, he said that the ducts all looked fine, but that he could do some further tests.  He added that it would cost us $1,200.00!  My husband started to think maybe it could be the windows after all; go figure!

We went to speak with our neighbor, as he had the same type of windows we had.  He told us that in Buckeye, sun screens were a must.  He said he experienced the very same problem when he moved here, and showed us the dark sun screens that he had installed on the outside of his windows.  He then told us about a friend of his that worked at Blinds Chalet, where he ended up ordering his sun screens from.  He said that you guys were really good at what you did.  We got on the Internet and looked at the different products you offered, and we made a selection.  A gentleman was at our house two days later and helped us decide which shades would work the best for us.  I’m glad he came out, because the screens that we picked wouldn’t have been the best route to go.  He suggested the same type of sun screens that our neighbor had.  He measured the windows, and within two weeks your installers came out and installed them on the outside of our windows.

I am not one to say “I told you so,” but that is exactly what I said to my husband when our bedroom and bathroom cooled down so drastically.  The gentleman that installed them said they prevent about ninety percent of the UV rays from coming into the house.  I have to say that I am very impressed with your organization, and I appreciate your good customer service.  I also appreciate that your prices were the best I could find anywhere!  Thank you Blinds Chalet!

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